Rename your photos from the comand-line using jhead

Anyone who want to simply rename his or her photo’s to a date format, will appreciate the ease of batch renaming them from the command-line.

jhead is the tool of choice for manipulation of images on the command-line using EXIF tags. There is a version available for all operating systems.

I like to rename my photos to the date-time the image was taken so I will use this command:

jhead -autorot -nf%y%m%d-%H%M%S *.jpg

But that is just the start of what this little program can do for you:
jhead can extract the following from an Exif  jpeg file:

  • Camera make and model
  • Time and date picture was taken
  • Integral low-res Exif thumbnail
  • Shutter speed
  • Camera F-stop number
  • Flash used (yes/no)
  • Distance camera was focused at
  • Focal length and calculate 35 mm equivalent focal length
  • Image resolution
  • GPS info, if stored in image
  • IPTC header
  • XMP data

You can download this program and find more examples on retrieving data on the authors website.h

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