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This blog is all about databases with a focus on MySQL.
You can find pieces of code, best practices and tips for writing efficient SQL code.

Ronald SpeelmanI’m Ronald Speelman. Born in 1963 in Rotterdam ,The Netherlands, and currently I’m living in the Czech Republic.
I am an experienced SQL developer and DBA : Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

The title of this blog is “–i-am-a-dummy”. It says something about me, really.
“–i-am-a-dummy” is a parameter you can add to the command-line mysql client.
I prefer working on the command-line and I’m a very careful person when it comes to managing data.
It is easy to make mistakes, so on a production environment I always add this parameter to avoid a simple mistake like:
DELETE FROM tablename;
instead of:
DELETE FROM tablename WHERE id=123;

I hope you will find some interesting tips here. Cheers!

PS: If you like to send me an e-mail, try this:
SELECT UNHEX('726F6E616C642E737065656C6D616E406D6F696E6E652E636F6D') AS 'e-mail Ronald';

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  1. AJ Faris says:

    Hello Ronald,

    Let start by saying that you are no dummy by any means :) but I find it funny and you have some valuable info on your Blog.

    I’ve been an Oracle DBA for quite sometime, but because of lack resources at this company I work for they throw on me another project that using MySQL. So, I am taking the initiatives to learn more about MySQL, and while I was browsing online, I came across your Blog. I tested the script you have about backing MySQL database by splitting up the backup, it ran fine, but I noticed that the dump file that got created is very small and when I opened it, I see few lines and but NO data:

    Here is example:

    /*!40101 SET SQL_MODE=@OLD_SQL_MODE */;
    /*!40111 SET SQL_NOTES=@OLD_SQL_NOTES */;

    – Dump completed on 2014-07-20 17:53:11

    However, when I did the backup from phpmyadmin, I got dump file with was about 200MB.

    As you can see the sample above, it says Dump completed, but not sure if I am missing anything. If I need to restore this dump file, where is the data that needs to be restored ?

    Thanks again for all the valuable help you are providing to the community..


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